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Pointing and Repointing Services in Stockport

Pointing is the term used most commonly to describe the repairing or updating of mortar joints that lay between bricks and stones that are in use at your property.

A building, as it becomes older and older, can sometimes begin to present brickwork issues. These issues start to become more apparent for owners of a property through more visible crumbling of lime mortar or cement, cracks and the increasing disintegration of the mortar joints.

Pointing or repointing is necessary for this exact situation and should always be carried out by specialist hands. Abacus Pointing & Restoration Services are well-experienced and can effectively remove any defective or disintegrating mortar from in between laid brick or stone. This removal process is carried out carefully by hand and also with the help of precise power tools.

Once the failing mortar is removed, the joints will be delicately filled in. By doing this you will ensure the building does not face any further unwanted problems down the line.  

Pointing will add to the overall structural integrity and appearance of any property. This brickwork service will also help insulate the building and improve heating within the home or building, not to mention its benefitting in weatherproofing your house against freeze-thaw.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you and we will be able to carry out consultation at your earliest convenience.

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