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Chimney Pointing and Restoration Services in Stockport

It is highly common for brick chimneys to erode and crumble over the years since they were initially constructed. A failing chimney stack might cause leaks in your roof or even worse partial or full collapse. To avoid this it's critical to address any issues with your chimney as soon as possible. Doing this will greatly improve the overall longevity of your chimney stack. 

Abacus Pointing and Restoration Services have over 15 years of experience removing, repairing and repointing chimney stacks. Whether it's on the exteriors of homes or any other buildings such as factories, Abacus have the right people for the work that's needed.


Our main services in this area include chimney building, chimney repointing, chimney cleaning, chimney replacement, and overall maintenance​. We also take care of brickwork fireplaces within your home and work with you to create the ideal setting in any room with a fully pledged and handmade chimney.

We complete all of our repairs and renovations to the best possible standard and you can guarantee that we will always get the job done first time. It's just that simple. Please get in contact with our team to consult and ask us any enquiries today!

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Thinking about adding something new to  your home, workplace or property building? Or maybe you are in desperate need for building or property restoration? 

Then reach out and get in touch with Abacus Pointing & Restoration Services to learn more.

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